Welcome to SLACKWARE.NL!
This service is provided by Alien BOB and can be accessed via:

I provide several mirrors on this server, which is connected to the Internet via a 250 Mbps connection (thanks to donations from several people who allow me to keep paying the rent).

  • My own complete package repository and tools (see people/alien)
  • My "Ktown" repository of KDE packages (see alien-kde)
  • All historical Slackware releases including Slackware-current - for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures (see slackware)
  • A cumulative package archive for multilib (see cumulative)
  • SlackBuilds.org repository (see slackbuilds.org)
  • Git repositories for Slackware sources, ktown, liveslak, multilib, my own SlackBuild scripts, etc (see git.slackware.nl)
  • Slackware Live Edition (see liveslak downloads)

Plus, I have up-to-date ISO images for slackware-current of the installation DVD as well as the Live Edition which are re-generated every time there is an update to slackware-current (I grab my mirror data from http://mirrors.kernel.org/slackware/ or http://slackware.osuosl.org/).
The DVD ISO images do not contain the package source code. This allows me to keep the ISO file size at roughly 3.5 GB.
The Live Edition will boot you straight into a fully functional 64bit Slackware-current development snapshot (see overview and documentation).

Feel free to visit my blog at https://alien.slackbook.org/blog/ if you are interested in the backgrounds of all the stuff I create for Slackware.

Eric Hameleers (AlienBOB) alien (at) slackware.com or Mastodon

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