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22/Dec 5:16qwallcomgreat work! and thanks for the fish! : )
6/Nov 6:42HIcool~
21/Aug 13:49AlienBOBGuest book opened up again.
10/Feb 12:09AnarchocapitalistAwesome, this site still rocks!
31/Jan 21:53ayyyyyy guyAyyyyyyy thanks for restoring slackfinder!
24/Jan 13:07Sollg3rcongratulations for the initiative
23/Jan 17:21fu11m00nFor years I've used it with "depfinder" to resolve packages.
21/Jan 18:50KageThis site is a godsend for when you break your system :D Thanks for keeping it around.
18/Jan 1:36lu9dcetks
16/Jan 1:22xp19375Very useful, thanks!
15/Jan 9:13nickholy fucking shit tits
13/Jan 17:16wsThank you for your work, Eric
12/Jan 17:49d.star59It Works, Thanks a lot!
11/Jan 18:40curing@Good work! Tks
10/Jan 4:45blobVery nice :)
10/Jan 1:22Ed_PThank you AlienBob. You are the best.
10/Jan 0:13N4t3RAwesome Job
9/Jan 22:56dgahuntWorks well, thanks again. Bookmarked for next time I need something.
9/Jan 22:54dgahuntGood work - I can see myself testing/using this in the next few days.